8 reasons why you should buy your sandals from laidback london

This London based sandal company works with local communities in Kenya to bring you your go-to summer staple - the handmade leather sandal. Your ‘everywhere' sandal, perfect for daytime casual and an easy transition into evening chic. As Seen on TikTok.

  • 1. Uniquely Handcrafted

    Our sandals are made in small workshops, not factories, ensuring that each pair is one-of-a-kind and reflects the skill and artistry of its creator.

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  • 2. Sustainable and Fair Fashion

    Collaborating with Kenyan artisans since 2002, laidback london utilizes eco-friendly materials like food industry leather and locally-sourced recyclable rubber. Our packaging is also made from recycled materials, reducing unnecessary waste.

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  • 3. Distinctive and Eye-Catching

    Stand out with our vibrant colors and unique designs that will have people asking where you found such fabulous sandals!

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  • 4. Timeless Classics.

    Our curated collection features wardrobe staples made from quality materials that wear well and improve with age.

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  • 5. Comfortable Fit.

    Lightweight and cozy, our leather sandals quickly mold to the shape of your feet for all-day wear - providing a fit that is uniquely yours.

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  • 6. Celebrity-Approved

    Our sandals have garnered a loyal following, including pop and style superstar Beyoncé, while Anna Murphy, Fashion Director at The Times, declares there's no other footwear she'd rather have on her feet.

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  • 7. Fashion Industry Accolades

    With appearances at Paris Fashion Week and mentions in prestigious magazines such as Vogue and Marie Claire, laidback london has made a name for itself in the world of fashion.

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  • 8. Empowering Local Communities.

    By creating jobs and providing sustainable incomes, we make a positive impact in Kenyan communities. We also support our workers through skill development, housing loans, and education grants for their children.

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