• Making A Difference

    It was 2001 and a fresh university graduate had to decide between the bright lights of London and the blue skies of his home town Mombasa, an island town along the Kenyan coastline.

    The decision was deferred (for the time being at least) as the twenty something year old went back and forth, bringing back with him suitcases full of handicrafts made by local Kenyan artisans to sell in London's bustling markets.

    At a time when fast fashion was booming, Mohamed saw the value in offering a product made using traditional craftsmanship. A sandal with a story and a give back that would help improve the lives of the locals.

  • Working with local communities

    The next year was spent with a small group of artisans in Kenya developing a line of handmade leather sandals. Authentic and raw in their make up, where the sandals lack in perfection, they make up for in charm and character.

    In 2014, the label launched its first winter collection with the same ethos of working with local artisans, preserving traditional craftsmanship and giving back to the local community.

    Whether it's a short winter break in Vienna or an escape to Protofino, preferred destination for the brands most famous fan Beyoncé - laidback london have your shoe game covered.