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Handmade Leather Sandals & Boots

Founded in 2002, laidback london has become known for it's handmade leather Maasai sandals and boho boots & shoes with signature beaded embellishments in chic, understated style. 

We pride ourselves on individual craftsmanship. Every pair of laidback london shoes is lovingly hand crafted by our partner artisans in developing communities. A single pair of laidback london shoes travels through many hands, providing opportunities to traditional craftsmen and women to sustain local skills and their communities.

With a wide range of styles, laidback london has the perfect pair for the wanderer at heart. Our women's leather sandals are designed for relaxed transitions, from summers in the big cities to long sandy walks along Matina beach. For the colder seasons, our rugged and warm range of fur-lined moccasin boots are a perfect fit for that short winter break to Vienna.

The collection wouldn't be complete without our range of handmade Kenyan leather belts and matching beaded clutch bags.