6 reasons why you should buy your sandals from laidback london.

This London based sandal company works with local communities in Kenya to bring you your go-to summer staple - the handmade leather sandal. Your ‘everywhere' sandal, perfect for daytime casual and an easy transition into evening chic.

1. Stunning, timeless and artisan made

Inspired by colourful cultures, laidback london sandals are handmade using traditional techniques. The beading symbolises pride, beauty, bravery and identity amongst local tribes in Kenya. 

“Love them! Excellent handmade quality with exquisite leather & beadwork.” - Valda H

2. Every pair is unique.

The sandals are handmade in small runs, in workshops - not factories. Each pair is a little different, speaking to the unique workmanship of its creator. The charm and authentic character of the sandals shines through in each and every pair. 

“People always stop me on the street to ask me where I got them!” - Laura R.

In case your already convinced...

3. Built for comfort.

Lightweight and super comfortable, the leather starts to mould to the shape of your feet within hours of wearing them. Customers have reported wearing them for 10, 12, or even 14 hours at a time with no problems. The sandals will be a part of your wardrobe for years! 

“These sandals are super cute and really comfortable. laidback london is my new favourite brand! - Naomi D.

4. Beyoncé knows best.

The brand has amassed a loyal following over the years including pop and style icon, Beyoncé. Anna Murphy, Fashion Director at The Times raves, “I cannot think of anything I would rather have my feet in right now, then these pretty leather sandals”. Read some of the glowing endorsements from over 1200 5-star reviews the line has received from happy customers here.

5. Sustainable.

The materials are sourced locally. The leather (byproduct of the food industry) comes from a local tannery and rubber which is recyclable from a family-owned business close to the workshop. The packaging is minimal, the boxes and mailing bags are made from recycled paper.

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6. Your purchase makes a difference.

Laidback london creates much-needed jobs and provides sustainable incomes for their team in Kenya which in turn has a positive impact on the local communities. With a full-time presence on the ground, the company also supports workers - teaching them new skills, offering soft loans for housing and giving education grants for the workers’ children. 

“I usually don’t buy sandals, because I seldom like any. But these are beautiful and unique. And it sure doesn’t hurt that it’s for a good cause either” - Catherine J

Now that you know why laidback london is the only choice, what are you waiting for?