The Bells are Ringing ✨ Some inspo for your Christmas wishlist 🎁

The Bells are Ringing ✨ Some inspo for your Christmas wishlist 🎁

fuyu slippers

1. FUYU for the homebody

Its no longer a secret that in the FUYU, we have the worlds softest slippers. Perfect for anyone who loves to cosy up by the fire with a good book... Just as great for those winter mornings when you want to keep your toes toasty…

2. SETSU for the workaholic

Looking for a versatile boot that you can also wear to work? Don't look any further, our SETSU boot is made for you! With side side zippers on either side, SETSU is stylish, super comfortable and match perfectly with your everyday office outfits. 

3. NYUKI for the fashion lover

Fashion alert for the fashion conscious! Who doesn't already have a pair of NYUKI boots? Ultra comfortable and available in a wide range of colors and prints, our NYUKI boots have become an iconic wardrobe essential. 

4. Animal print for the party animal

Does the world of nightlife hold no secrets for you? You need a boot that will follow you everywhere? Night and day? Then opt for our animal print models that will give a glamorous touch to your outfits!
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