How to clean your favourite suede boots - Our 3 magic tips !

How to clean your favourite suede boots - Our 3 magic tips !


     If you can, get yourself a brush and a special suede eraser.
    Tip: Don't have any of these accessories at hand? A brush with long, hard bristles, a white eraser or very fine sandpaper can do the trick.

      1. Use the brush to remove excess dirt on your suede boots

          Gently rub the shoe and stain to remove excess dirt. Ideally, you should use a crepe brush: it has no bristles but rubber, often in the shape of spirals. This is a strange accessory, but it is very effective because the crepe is rough "just enough" to remove the small dust that has become embedded, without damaging the material. This brush is also perfect for straightening the fibres of the suede or for delustering it.

            2. Use an eraser to try to remove any marks on your boots that are still present

              Did you know that you can use an eraser to remove persevering marks? 
              If you have one, use a suede eraser: slightly more corrosive than the brush, it allows you to remove various marks without having to use a liquid cleaner. It also gives the velvet look a bit of a boost. Always use it on a dry suede and make small circular movements to avoid leaving marks if you treat a specific area. Give the erased surface a rub, and off you go!

                3. Dab the stain with white vinegar

                  In case the stain on your boots is still not gone, you can try dabbing the mark with a little bit of white vinegar. When applied to the suede, the white vinegar will break down the dirt and bring it to the surface for removal. Plus, it won't leave a stain... Good to know, isn't it? ;)
                  Rub the stain with a towel soaked in white vinegar and then lightly dab it dry with a clean one.  

                  Bonus tip: regularly waterproof your suede shoes.
                  The right rhythm is after ten or so outings... or heavy rain!
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